Business leadership coaching for senior leaders, small business owners, and aspiring leaders

Become The Leader

             YOU WERE MEANT TO BE

Welcome! I’m Jennifer Zach and I help good leaders become great leaders. I use coaching, the body’s intuitive intelligence, and the Learning Cluster Design Model to help you reach your full potential.

Once you know what you’re capable of, the negative thoughts and limiting beliefs will wash away and you’ll move forward with determination and confidence. Start your journey today with a FREE 30-minute coaching consultation.

”  Jennifer was a tremendous resource to me as I prepared to move into my most recent leadership role, helping me understand and overcome my concerns about the larger opportunity and define what it was I most wanted to bring to the role.

In our ongoing coaching engagement, she helps me stay focused on my goals, poses thoughtful questions about how to work through barriers, and points me toward resources that help me learn about myself and my team as we work to become better leaders. 

- Michelle Niermann

President & CEO, UnityPoint Health - Cedar Rapids

Hi, I’m Jennifer

I have been coaching aspiring leaders since 2009. I work with senior leaders, small business owners, and high-potential leaders who are committed to making a difference in the organizations they lead and communities where they live.

I guide clients through a thought-provoking and creative process that helps them overcome challenges that prevent them from reaching their true leadership potential. With my help, clients unlock new sources of creativity and productivity, and find the right path to personal and professional fulfillment.

My coaching encourages full-body engagement. This means that you feel the change in the way you approach leadership and life challenges, and you sense the shift in your synergy with those around you. As your confidence grows, your team (and superiors) will trust you more than ever before.

If you are ready to break through old stories, frozen beliefs, and limiting patterns to reach your full potential, I am here to help.

Help For…

Senior Leader

Are you climbing the ladder but still feeling unfulfilled and overwhelmed? Many high-level leaders grapple with these feelings. I will help you identify the unique talents you bring and teach you how to use your entire person to become a leader who is fulfilled, confident, and an inspiration to all.

Small Business Owner

Are you running a business and leading a small team? It’s a lot to juggle, right? Rediscover the reason you started your business and learn how to use your passion and unique talents to operate your business more effectively so that your team and your business will soar!

High Potential Leader

Are there leaders in your organization who need help growing into their full potential? Jennifer Zach offers specialized coaching for members of key departments and individuals in critical positions. Clients praise Jennifer for bringing new focus and determination to the workplace, for locating resources that support long-term growth and improvement, and for helping good leaders become great leaders.


Schedule a FREE 30-minute coaching consultation with Jennifer.

In just 30 minutes, Jennifer will help you begin your business leadership journey to discover your values and create a thought-provoking and creative process that helps you overcome challenges. With Jennifer's help, clients unlock new sources of creativity and productivity, and find the right path to personal and professional fulfillment.