The EQ Trend and How To Get Lasting Results

Nov 27, 2018

You’ve seen concepts come and go in the business world. Some have momentary success while others stand the test of time.  One such concept is emotional intelligence.  The field of study about and practice of emotional intelligence is on a sharp rise as new waves of understanding grow.

Emotional intelligence is publicized as the key to personal and business success.  While this holds some truth, the first step to developing emotional intelligence is accessing self-awareness. Self-awareness is all about understanding your emotions and the impact they have on your performance and relationships with others.

Moreover, if EQ is a building-block to success, then self-awareness is a foundational skill.  Enhancing your self-awareness makes the other emotional intelligence skills much easier to use.  You simply must be aware of your emotions before you can manage them effectively. Without this insight, it is hard to perform at your personal best. Understanding your emotions puts you in control of your state of consciousness and creates the capacity for sound judgement.

Self-awareness and emotional intelligence work together; they are not separate but coordinated competencies.  When you can perceive, understand and manage your emotions then you are functioning at a peak level of performance. It’s these high-functioning characteristics that distinguish between conveying ordinary and extraordinary executive presence. So, strengthening your self-awareness begins the process to achieving higher emotional intelligence.

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