Think Big to Play Big

Dec 13, 2019

The number one barrier on the road to high-level success is the feeling that achievement is beyond our reach.

Every big achievement is a series of little achievements.

When you choose to not reach, you embrace a mindset grounded in fear. Underlying fears will influence you in ways that create obstacles so big, you remain within the confines of your comfort zone.

Safety may lead you to stand still and avoid risks. Risk aversion is a key sign that you’re holding yourself back. These feelings of fear cause you to feel uncomfortable claiming achievements, to wait for others to notice and reward your accomplishments, to be reluctant leveraging relationships that would help you reach your goals, to struggle to build a network of allies, and to minimize rather than maximize your presence in meetings and at work in general.

Fears holding you back prevent career growth or movement. But you don’t have to accept this state of mind.

In his book, The Magic Of Thinking Big, David Schwartz explains the means to an end outside the constraints of fear. It’s all about mindset, and you can learn to adopt a different way to think.

Schwartz outlines in his book the different ways of thinking that successful people possess. Whereas risk avoidance holds you back, Schwartz offers a counter picture of successful people. Schwartz explains how successful people hold to a mindset that begins with limitless thinking or thinking BIG.

When you think bigger, then you are imagining the possibilities and believing in the potential that exists to bring these ideas to fruition. Successful people may seem unstoppable, and this is why. Successful people behave from a place of belief rather than fear. Their behavior directs their actions and focuses their energy.

Rather then hold back from fear, successful people direct their energy toward their beliefs in something bigger. Nothing stops them because they invest in a future vision that doesn’t exist until they make it happen; they have a clear and driving direction.

You can, too.

Instead of holding back, you can learn to lean in. With the right support to break your fear-based mindset and open you to possibilities, you can re-train your brain to think bigger. The first step toward reaching higher is to acknowledge that you’re ready to think bigger and play bigger at work and at home.

When you’re ready, there is a club designed to loosen the grip of fear and support you on the road to high-level success. In the Courageous Leadership Club, you join a supportive small-group professional community to help you achieve your boldest and bravest career goals.

The club works like your own personal board of directors who invest in your success. Imagine, for a moment, gathering around a table of colleagues dedicated to the business of helping you manage your success, having access to group wisdom, and learning the best practices to rise above the fear holding you back. That’s thinking bigger! You deserve the support and success, so take the next step and join the Courageous Leadership Club today.