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May 28, 2020

Take the Mindset Discovery Challenge

She is highly educated and talented, poised and ready for advancement, but there is one thing holding her back, lack of confidence.  Does this sound like anyone you know, perhaps even yourself?

One of the biggest challenges I see when I coach female leaders is a lack of confidence.  And it’s costing them opportunities and affecting their ability to reach their full potential.  They feel stuck and confused about what their next step should be.

A lack of confidence is very costly to a woman’s career because of the negative effect it has on her relationships and productivity.

This kind of career barrier is not built overnight.  It’s subtle and can sneak up on a woman.  She didn’t always feel unsure of herself, and yet it’s hard to pinpoint the exact origin of the problem.

Many factors contribute to a woman’s lack of self-confidence and interact differently for each person.  Factors at play include human genes, cultural background, childhood experiences, and other life circumstances.

While the contributing factors may be many, the important thing to know is there is plenty a woman can do to alter her thoughts and experiences to gain more confidence.

It begins with adopting  a healthier mindset.  What is mindset?  Mindset is basically the difference between believing change is possible and believing that it’s not.

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Someone who believes something can change by applying the time and effort to make it happen has what is called a growth mindset.  Someone with a growth mindset believes they can develop themselves.  Conversely, someone with a fixed mindset believes their basic qualities are fixed traits.  They lean more towards documenting their abilities than developing them.

We all embody both growth and fixed mindsets.   The one we give the most attention to is the one that grows and directly impacts the way we think, feel, and act.

The truth is, we have a choice which mindset we feed.  With a growth mindset people are capable of a lot more than what they think they are.

Take for example, my client, I’ll call her Janice.  Janice was used to scaling up her career every three to four years.  She had risen steadily within her organization, but now found herself at a career crossroads with what appeared to be nowhere to go but out of the organization if she wanted to continue to advance

Fixed mindset traits such as perfectionism, fear of taking risks, and either-or thinking were keeping Janice stuck.  By walking her through my Mindset Discovery Challenge, Janice became more aware of her inner monologue, and through our work together she began changing her train of thought from a judging one to a growth-oriented one, and for this reason, things began to change.  Janice was now able to use her mind more freely and fully.  She could see possibilities where before she saw none.  As a result, Janice stayed with her organization and scaled her career once again.

Everyone can level-up their mindset to bring about greater career success and fulfillment for themselves.  Is it easy?  No.  But the rewards are plenty, one of which is increased self-confidence that comes as a result of  thinking, feeling, and acting differently.

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