The Gift that Keeps on Giving: Inner Strength

Dec 26, 2020

Inner strength gives us immense benefits by keeping us in the present moment while simultaneously preventing us from dwelling in the past or future.  Inner strength is a stable source of well-being.  It is fundamental to a joyful, productive, and fulfilling life.  If you want to feel less stressed, anxious, or depressed, inner strength will help you.

On average, about a third of a person’s strengths are natural. The other two-thirds are nurtured over time. Experience matters.  Every adverse experience affords us the opportunity to nurture our inner strength.

The brain takes its shape from where the mind dwells.  In other words, where attention goes, energy flows, and that’s what grows.  If you mind dwells with the inner critic, then your brain will be shaped into greater reactivity.  However, when you are grounded in the present moment, you disable the critical part of your brain and your brain will be shaped into greater responsiveness.

Good inner strength gives us the tools for leading a quality life and experiencing peace of mind. If you’re serious about gaining inner strength, a strong connection to the present is a must.  Mindfulness is key.

Mindfulness is a practice of creating space for your thoughts and feelings and choosing your response from an inner guidance.  Be mindful of what’s going on inside of you. Consider what you’re thinking about.  Notice any bodily sensations triggered by your thoughts.  Investigate your thinking.  Engage your five senses.  Take a deep breath.  Choose wisely.

There is a level of contentment, consideration, and calmness found within someone who uses their inner strength.  There is also a level of endurance necessary to use such restraint.

By dwelling in the present one is accepting reality and developing enough tolerance to go through changes and adversity without breaking down.  It is our inner strength that helps us reach the future, and whatever it may hold, by passing through the present with courage and calm.