Mid-Year Strategy with Body Intelligence

Jul 6, 2024

As we enter the second half of the year, remaining proactive and responsive to internal and external factors that could impact the health of your organization in the remaining six months of the year is essential. 

Contrary to common belief, this is not a time for working harder rather than smarter. Leadership in today’s fast-paced world demands peak performance, but chronic stress can trigger the human threat response, hindering clear thinking and decision-making.

Reflect and Refocus

Make time for social engagement over the summer months to foster emotional resilience and enhance decision-making. Social interactions promote oxytocin release and reduce cortisol levels, calming the nervous system and fostering a sense of security. Whether through casual conversations, group activities, or virtual connections, these interactions nurture emotional well-being crucial for strategic insight.

In his latest book, The Six Disciplines of Strategic Thinking, Michael D. Watkins defines strategic thinking as ” the set of mental disciplines leaders use to recognize potential threats and opportunities, establish priorities to focus attention, and mobilize themselves and their organizations to envision and enact promising paths forward.”

Feeling secure enables leaders to envision future possibilities with clarity and creativity. By recognizing the signs of a triggered threat response and taking proactive action to increase our capacity to deal with uncomfortable emotions, we not only enhance personal well-being but also elevate organizational foresight and decision-making.

Benefits of Body Intelligence

Research indicates that leaders who lead with body intelligence are not just better equipped, but empowered to handle uncertainty and complexity. By understanding the connection between mind and body, leaders can make more informed decisions and lead proactively.

By leading with body intelligence, we enhance our well-being and empower ourselves to lead with ingenuity and foresight. Let’s make this mid-year strategic planning period not just about goals and numbers but about nurturing our capacity for thoughtful, effective leadership.