Building a High-Performance Team

Aug 16, 2018

Members of a team play two important roles, a functional role and a psychological role.

Get the team chemistry right and you will have a high-performing team.  Get it wrong and you will have costly dysfunction.

Adding to a team is an opportunity to assess the current state of the team and to consider doing things differently.

Growth is key.  “If a person can’t grow with a company, they will grow away from it.” – Whitney Johnson

People are an organization’s greatest asset.  They are a wellspring of energy waiting to be tapped.  Left untapped, they will disengage.

S-Curve of Learning

Ideally, a team is comprised of people who are at different points of the learning curve.  The goal is to optimally coordinate people’s roles with an eye toward the future.

The cornerstone to a high-performing team is an intentional engagement process.  Potential is just as important as proficiency.  Leave room for people to grow.