3 Essentials for Leading in the Algorithmic Age

Oct 19, 2019

Welcome to the algorithmic age, a time when automation, algorithms, and AI (artificial intelligence) are transforming every facet of daily life.  This means living and leading in a constant state of change. Unfortunately, the reality is that change is hard–so hard, there are entire disciplines devoted to it called Change Management. 

Yet change is a formative part of leadership development. As leaders experience the world, they react and respond from a higher vantage point, building a leadership style shaped by the lessons of the past and gaining new insights for the future. A leader must be willing to change in order to grow. 

As technology becomes smarter and faster, so too must we become smarter and faster at solving problems, making decisions and leading people.  For this leaders need something other than technology to managing change in the workplace. They need human insight, inspiration and to think differently about how they lead.  

Lead from Insight

Insightful leaders speed things up by reducing resistance.  In times of change, and otherwise, they keep an open mind and an open heart.  They don’t get hung up on the past. Rather then let pride get in the way of listening to others and trying new things, they see others’ input as a resource from which they gain insight.

Insightful leaders take measured risk, gather information, and make mindful, well thought out decisions.

Be Inspired

The goal to respond to change is adaptation and assimilation. Therefore, leaders must be able to innovate and find inspiration to move beyond the status quo. Too often, people feel threatened by the changes and react from fear. Fear restricts inspirations, but curiosity is the gateway to change.  

So, in the face of change, get curious. As leaders set the tone, their inspiration is contagious; inspired employees are far more productive, and consequently, inspire others around them to strive for greater heights.

Lead Differently 

Traditional leadership methods will not be enough in the algorithmic age.  Leaders will need to be ready to pivot and adopt new methods. Work to lead differently by embracing new and alternative methods for managing employees and getting work done.